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Arts & Artificial Intelligence

ARTIFICIA promotes augmented creativity through AI and the arts. New technologies, and in particular artificial intelligence, are changing the nature of creative processes. Emerging collaborations between humans and machines enable new creative processes.


  • From May 6 to June 6, the call is open. Catalan and international artists can present themselves to participate in a collective exhibition on the Metaverse and NFTs that will take place the first week of September 2022 at ESPRONCEDA. On

  • Bachelona Festival 2022. Press Conference. The Bachcelona Festival is been awarded the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Música 2021 on account of the significance of its programme and performers; on account of its range of audiences, venues and formats; and on account of its ability to

  • International residence for a social and visionary Metaverse.Barcelona, 7th March to 7th April 2022. We are looking for artistic and curious minds who wish to create a expanded Metaverse: merging social media, gameplay and entertainment.A creative residence in Barcelona, ESPRONCEDA- Institute of



  • Session 3. Musical performance & education with AI. The third event explores on Musical Performance and Education with AI, and it will debate around these questions: What is musical performance and how is it related to creativity? What are the challenges

  • Session 2. Music composition with AI. The second event explores on Music Composition with AI and it debates around these questions:  What is musical composition and How is it related to creativity? The complexity of the human creative process and music

  • Session 1. Music Improvisation with AI. The first event explores on Music Improvisation with AI and it will debate around these questions:  What is improvisation? What is needed to be a good improviser? Can a machine algorithm complement human improvisation? What

  • Act of faith is an exploration of our relationship with technology, its similarities with the one we have with religion, the tools involved in both processes (hierarchy, symbology and iconography, soul management, power, architechture,…), and its impact of the relationship

  • With the recent advances in artificial intelligence and its application on art I asked myself the following questions: Can art be automated? Can neural art be creative per se or is it bounded by human imagination? The genius Dalí, would put a

  • The Robot-Creativity Project explores how robots can be used in creativity work. This project encapsulates the idea of creating robots that can unleash, extend, and empower existing human capabilities, such as the ability to be creative. Until now, the idea

  • CTRL-F is a transdisciplinary collective that explores the art / science link. Focusing their research on the intersection between audiovisual files with specific architectures of Artificial Intelligence. The CTRL-F members come from various fields: social sciences, graphic design, computer science,

  • Mark d’Inverno is a researcher and academic at the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has mostly investigated the role the Artificial Intelligence plays in learning and creativity practices. ¿How creativity, learning, and AI do relate to

  • I am Tenured Scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC), holding a PhD in Informatics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). I have conducted my research at IIIA-CSIC and UPC in Spain, at SRI International and Indiana University in the USA, and at the University of Edinburgh in

  • Workshop on AI and Creativity coordinated by Xavier Satorra and Lissette Lemus (ARTIFICIA and IIIA-CSIC). The contents and practices focused on the ethical and responsible use of AI tools and technologies to co-create artistic works in different fields. It also contains

  • The Afternet is a program made by SN Systema about the effect of new technologies on music. The episodes explore the latest possibilities and issues raised by technology in the music community. An accessible debate from the perspective of artists,

  • What happens when Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity meet? That interests us because creativity comes from all of us, not just the art world. Artificial Intelligence comes from all of us too: in our pockets we keep a smartphone that’s more







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