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Act of faith is an exploration of our relationship with technology, its similarities with the one we have with religion, the tools involved in both processes (hierarchy, symbology and iconography, soul management, power, architechture,…), and its impact of the relationship in ourselves.

The research takes the shape of a sonic ceremony, with the singer Marc Vilajuana, Adrià Grandia with a hurdy-gurdy and a modular synth, Carlos Martorell playing also synths and artiphon, and an artificial intelligence trained with a total 11000 religious scores: the first half with middle age and renaissance ones, and folk / traditional materials tradicional for the second. In addition, AI listens to us and plays together with us in real time.

Aside from the god-like (or mirror) properties, AI is surrounded by other questions, related to authorship, management and representation of information. It’s a distillation of everything it’s been trained with, and here takes the shape of a representation of a specific space-time, where the individuals are blurred in a collective structure. The context becomes then another cultural device, that we can sculpt, edit, reinterpret and remix.