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ARTIFICIO is a four episode interactive web series that explores the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in the field of the arts. With the help of leading experts in this field, technologists and especially artists, we will ask ourselves: what is creativity? What will art created by machines look like and how will it affect our way of creating, producing and communicating? Can a computer compose music, write books or paint pictures that achieve the genius of a Bach, a Shakespeare or a Rembrandt? And if this were so, what effects does all this produce in the fields of criticism or the art market? Who is the author of an AI-generated artwork?

Each episode will explore an aspect of AI through an art form. In addition, thanks to its interactive aspect, ARTIFICIO will convert viewers into users through short interactive experiences related to each of the arts.

ARTIFICIO is a CuibaMedia Canada production in co-production with GusanoFilms (www.gusanofilms.com). Directed by filmmakers Anna Giralt and Jorge Caballero.

TrailerBell from GusanoVisual – GusanoFilms on Vimeo.