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CTRL-F is a transdisciplinary collective that explores the art / science link. Focusing their research on the intersection between audiovisual files with specific architectures of Artificial Intelligence. The CTRL-F members come from various fields: social sciences, graphic design, computer science, audiovisual production, cultural management, and programming languages. Their artistic practices prioritize collective and relational dynamics as spaces for the circulation of knowledge and fields of action to address different questions and themes. They work on the tensions between techno science, scientific procedures, applied theories and participatory artistic practices.

In this video, CTRL-F answer the following questions (spanish):

· Do you think that AI, used as a tool or “partner”, can advance artistic mediums in new directions?

· How we should approach the question of machine authorship? Who owns the author rights?

· What may be the potential of AI to influence art in the coming years?

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