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Art and science have always influenced each other, but artificial intelligence provides a new medium for these spheres to merge and create new forms of expression and discovery. In this section, you can explore ideas, projects, and perspectives on the symbiosis between artificial intelligence and art. We promote debates that address social, cultural, environmental, legal, ethical and philosophical issues.
  • AIMCAT is a collective music creation process that takes AI as a pivoting point. It was born from a viralized proposal in Twitter which gathered around 40 people who managed to create and produce a song without knowing each other

  • Unfinished is a new interactive concept. Roman Lipski invites art, culture, and tech-enthusiasts to experience his creative process firsthand. You will connect to your inner artist and create a new painting. A search for inspiration is the first step of

  • Strolling Cities unveils the naked, materially seductive form of 9 Italian cities – Milan, Como, Bergamo, Venice, Genoa, Rome, Catania, Palermo – by means of millions of photos taken during the recent lockdowns (’20/’21) that show the urban space as an