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Art and science have always influenced each other, but artificial intelligence provides a new medium for these spheres to merge and create new forms of expression and discovery. In this section, you can explore ideas, projects, and perspectives on the symbiosis between artificial intelligence and art. We promote debates that address social, cultural, environmental, legal, ethical and philosophical issues.
  • AIBO is an emotionally intelligent artificial intelligence brainwave opera. An immersive, interactive love story, it explores our infatuation and trust in artificial intelligence played out between a human character Eva, wearing a brain-computer interface connected to a bodysuit of light

  • The Robot-Creativity Project explores how robots can be used in creativity work. This project encapsulates the idea of creating robots that can unleash, extend, and empower existing human capabilities, such as the ability to be creative. Until now, the idea

  • Session 2. Music composition with AI. The second event explores on Music Composition with AI and it debates around these questions:  What is musical composition and How is it related to creativity? The complexity of the human creative process and music