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Art and science have always influenced each other, but artificial intelligence provides a new medium for these spheres to merge and create new forms of expression and discovery. In this section, you can explore ideas, projects, and perspectives on the symbiosis between artificial intelligence and art. We promote debates that address social, cultural, environmental, legal, ethical and philosophical issues.
  • Set in stone is an exploration into the creative visualization of training bias out of a biased neural network. I created a 3D rendered dataset and trained several GANs first in one gender, then another, then, using semiotic expressions of

  • From May 6 to June 6, the call is open. Catalan and international artists can present themselves to participate in a collective exhibition on the Metaverse and NFTs that will take place the first week of September 2022 at ESPRONCEDA. On

  • Bachelona Festival 2022. Press Conference. The Bachcelona Festival is been awarded the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Música 2021 on account of the significance of its programme and performers; on account of its range of audiences, venues and formats; and on account of its ability to