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Art and science have always influenced each other, but artificial intelligence provides a new medium for these spheres to merge and create new forms of expression and discovery. In this section, you can explore ideas, projects, and perspectives on the symbiosis between artificial intelligence and art. We promote hybrid debates that address social, cultural, environmental, legal, ethical and philosophical issues.
  • The increase in computing capacity and the use of convolutional neural networks (CNN - A kind of deep neural network commonly applied in image analysis) have favoured and sped up the development of new scenarios that allow access to large

  • METAVISION intends to intervene Spanish newscasts with Artificial Intelligence architectures, and observe some semantic spheres from this junction. At the same time that it seeks to reveal disciplinary dynamics that operate in the mass media, it explores exercises that distort

  • AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams. Can computers be creative? Is algorithmic art just a form of Candy Crush? Cutting through the smoke and mirrors surrounding computation, robotics and artificial intelligence, Joanna Zylinska argues that, to understand the promise of