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Our world climate is an incredibly complex and ever-changing system. Landshapes is an interactive installation, featuring a circular projection of AI-generated aerial landscapes – images that look real, yet have never been seen by anyone before.

The installation enables participants to become absorbed in the morphing landscapes and experience a changing climate in an open-ended manner. Instead of utilizing fear, LANDSHAPES intends to spark fascination, offer a place to find wonder, and motivate the viewer to dream of a positive future again.

The presented utilisation of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) – a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) – to motivate public engagement through the emotion of fascination and element of play was first explored by Frederik Ueberschär under the supervision of Derek Lomas and Alessandro Bozzon in 2020/2021 in the scope of his Master’s thesis at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.


Frederik Ueberschär is a German designer, researcher and maker. He graduated this year from the Master Design for Interaction, TU Delft.

His work and studies focus on creating interactive experiences that touch on elements of critical design, product design and aesthetic devours to involve the viewer. His latest interest is human interaction with AI technologies and exploring the use of Machine Learning as a practical design tool to address societal issues such as climate change.