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Climate change is destroying our planet, but nature did not have a voice to speak up. In the poetic art project Letters from Nature, AI is used to write letters to world leaders on behalf of the world’s ice caps, glaciers, coral reefs and islands under threat. To warn and ask for help. Letters from Nature is a project by Jeroen van der Most, AI-artist, and Peter van der Putten, creative researcher from the Media Technology Program of Leiden University.

Jeroen van der Most

Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most, or shorthand Most, has created art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence for over 10 years. His current focus is on reaching a next level in AI-based creation in which the boundaries of technology, humans and nature have faded. To help shape the societies of tomorrow. He is a frequent international keynote speaker about his art and vision on technology.

Van der Most’s art was covered by most larger Dutch newspapers, TV program Tegenlicht and international media like The Art Newspaper, El Pais, TheNextWeb and Artnet. He creates artworks autonomously, but also developed pieces for organizations like Sogeti, Amnesty International, NH hotels and housing-website Funda. His art to date was obtained by collectors from 20 countries and the national museum of New Zealand. It has been displayed in galleries and art fairs ranging from the Amsterdam KunstRai to AAF Hong Kong.

Speaker bookings included European Bildung day (Copenhagen 2020), Women in AI’s The magic of Artificial Intelligence (Amsterdam 2020), Night of the arts and sciences (Groningen 2019) and the Erasmus Descartes Conference (Paris 2018). Inspiration is key in the talks, in an existing or custom format for the specific event. Van der Most also gave lectures about contemporary art and AI at institutions as Radboud- and Utrecht University and created blogs and on-air art columns for Dutch radio and TV stations like BNR, Sublime FM and At5.

Peter van der Putten

Peter van der Putten is an assistant professor in AI and Creative Research at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), Leiden University, The Netherlands. He is interested in how intelligence can evolve through machine learning. Or going even beyond Artificial Intelligence to Artificial ‘X’: study other human qualities through an artificial creature lens such as creativity, emotions, or even topics such as religion, to see what we can learn from this, what the boundary limits are and to speculate on possible futures. Next to his academic position he is also a director for decisioning and AI solutions at Pegasystems.

Letters from Nature from Jeroen van der Most on Vimeo.

Short Talk: https://www.artificia.pro/jeroen-van-der-most-peter-van-der-putten/