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Lost Skies are computer generated images that express the essence of our collective gaze at nature affected by climate change. In order to achieve this all-encompassing perspective, I utilize artificial intelligence (AI) system, AIEye, as an artistic tool and combine numerous points of view into individual archetypal images. AIEye algorithms was developed for this project in collaboration with the computer scientists Mihai Jalobeanu, they search the internet and identify manifold views of the sky based on time, location, air pollution, and meteorological data. These complex mathematical systems review all of the found images, analyze their salient properties and summarize the data. The resulting artwork captures the sky as seen through varying human perspectives. AI provides me with a means to capture manifold of people’s views and combine them into a snapshot that reflects collective consciousness’ gaze at the sky.

Maja Petric

As an artist, my goal is to elicit transformative sensory, cognitive and visceral experiences. To do so, I use cutting-edge technology as a vehicle of biophilia (nature-inspired design). My approach is based on the study of the innate human connection to nature. According to the biophilia hypothesis that was introduced by American biologist Edward O. Wilson, human beings have an innate instinct to connect emotionally with nature. As such, living organisms hold a biological need for connection with nature including natural landscapes, natural light and natural change of light. Tapping into the innate and universal relationship people have with nature provides me, as an artist, with more understanding about what compels people and what type of artistic content can truly be transformative.


Mihai Jalobeanu

Mihai Jalobeanu, Ph.D., has been working for more than 20 years in software development, including developing autonomous intelligent systems that feature various aspects of robotics – control, perception, machine learning, software design, and interaction. He is a Principal at Microsoft Research focused on AI and robotics open systems.

Lost Skies · AIEye

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