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Dr. Marco Schorlemmer

I am Tenured Scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC), holding a PhD in Informatics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). I have conducted my research at IIIA-CSIC and UPC in Spain, at SRI International and Indiana University in the USA, and at the University of Edinburgh in the UK.
I have a broad interest in Computational Concept Systems, i.e., in modelling those systems of conceptual entities that we continuously create and adapt to apprehend and describe the world we live in and interact with; and in developing techniques for these systems to be effectively represented and reasoned with by computational entities. In particular, I am interested in the mathematical, philosophical, cognitive and computational foundations of these systems.
This has brought me over the years to contribute in a variety of different fields, ranging from Formal Specification and Automated Theorem Proving, to Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning, to Distributed Knowledge Coordination and Semantic Interoperability of Ontologies, all the way to my more recent research in Multi-Agent Systems and Computational Creativity.


In this video, Dr. Marco Schorlemmer answers the following questions:

· Can you define in a few words what creativity is?

· AI: used as a tool or partner?

· Is there a way to assign value to art?

· How will the evolution of creative artificial intelligence improve the daily lives of creatives?

· Can we consider Art created with AI as a mimesis?

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