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Melomics (derived from “genomics of melodies”) is a computational system for the automatic composition of music (with no human intervention), based on bioinspired algorithms.

Melomics applies an evolutionary approach to music composition, i.e., music pieces are obtained by simulated evolution. These themes compete to better adapt to a proper fitness function, generally grounded on formal and aesthetic criteria. The Melomics system encodes each theme in a genome, and the entire population of music pieces undergoes evo-devo dynamics (i.e., pieces read-out mimicking a complex embryological development process). The system is fully autonomous: once programmed, it composes music without human intervention.

This technology has been transferred to industry as an academic spin-off, Melomics Media, which has provided and reprogrammed a new computer cluster that created a huge collection of popular music. The results of this evolutionary computation are being stored in Melomics’ site, which nowadays constitutes a vast repository of music content. A differentiating feature is that pieces are available in three types of formats: playable (MP3), editable (MIDI and MusicXML) and readable (score in PDF).



Francisco José Vico Vela

Francisco José Vico Vela (born 1967) is a scientist and engineer who is full professor of Artificial Intelligence at University of Malaga. As a researcher, Vico is founder and head of the Biomimetics and EdTech Research Groups at University of Malaga, and founder and CEO of the University spin-offs Melomics Media and Digitomica as entrepreneur. His work is mostly known for using evolutionary computation in the field of automated computer composition and industrial design.