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METAVISION intends to intervene Spanish newscasts with Artificial Intelligence architectures, and observe some semantic spheres from this junction. At the same time that it seeks to reveal disciplinary dynamics that operate in the mass media, it explores exercises that distort readability and allow us to imagine new stories when communicating events. Some questions that run through METAVISION: Is it possible to distort the link between what-they-say and what-the news shows? How to broaden the horizons of representation of the information flow? How to imagine other languages when transmitting events? How to intervene perceptual apparatus and thereby transform the relationship between signifiers and meanings?

CTRL-F is a transdisciplinary collective that explores the art / science link. Focusing their research on the intersection between audiovisual files with specific architectures of Artificial Intelligence. The CTRL-F members come from various fields: social sciences, graphic design, computer science, audiovisual production, cultural management, and programming languages. Their artistic practices prioritize collective and relational dynamics as spaces for the circulation of knowledge and fields of action to address different questions and themes. They work on the tensions between techno science, scientific procedures, applied theories and participatory artistic practices.

They are currently working on the METAVISIÓN project, within the framework of the Digital Art Residency at the Estruch MediaLab, in Sabadell, with the accompaniment of Lina Bautista. The scientist Gabriel Senno from the Institute of Photonic Sciences of Castelldefels and Verba, an open source platform with which they articulate databases for research, collaborates. The residence has a “Grant for research and innovation in the fields of visual arts” from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Web: http://controleffect.com