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NEB LAB Symposium

New European Bauhaus.

Creating a sustainable culture ecosystem. 20 October 2022
ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture. Barcelona.

It is necessary for the cultural and social sphere to adapt new forms and practices to ensure the sustainability of our planet. But, to what extent can Art and Culture Institutions be of great value to achieve this transformation towards a sustainable environment? On October 20th and in line with the New European Bauhaus Mission, ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture organizes a symposium on “the creation of sustainable ecosystems of cultures” which aims to raise discussions and reflections on such a pressing issue, questioning our values and habits through which artistic practices and cultural actions can be adopted, in order to create a sustainable model for the cultural sphere. Through scientific and artistic research, the symposium provides a space to develop reactions, reflections and ideas from a community of scholars, artists and activists to understand the state of culture in relation to ecology, environment, mobility and other aspects of sustainability.

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