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NUBiA LAB consists of a local artists/creative residency program to develop innovative projects while being mentored and invited to workshops in the technological and artistic field by several mentors, in addition to a subsequent exhibition and selection of curatorial projects. Therefore, projects will have the opportunity to join the platform located at www.nubia.world.

Previously, there will be a selection of 6 Local Artists/Creatives from a call promoted through social networks. The residence will take place at the ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art and Culture and will have all the services necessary for the team’s possible stay during the day. The period of residence will be mixed: eye and online, depending on the availability of the participant (30% compulsory eye in the Sporceda facility). From 23 November to 12 December 2022.

The process of conceptualization and creation will last 3 weeks in which participants will create different experimental prototypes of the Metavers and other realities in 2/3-person teams. NUBiA has technological teams for development as well as a mentoring process with industry experts and teachers.

Selection process: https://nubia.world/open-call-nubia-lab