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Ramon López de Mántaras

Ramon López de Mántaras Badia is Research Professor of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and pioneer of Artificial Intelligence in Europe, with contributions, since 1976, in Pattern Classification, Approximate Reasoning, Expert Systems, Machine Learning, Case-Based Reasoning, Autonomous Robots, and AI & Music. Author of nearly 300 papers.

Invited plenary speaker at numerous international conferences. Former Editor-in-Chief of Artificial Intelligence Communications, editorial board member of several international journals, including AI Magazine, and former Associate Editor of the Artificial Intelligence Journal. Program committee Chairman or Conference Chairman of several major AI Conferences (UAI-94, ECML’00, ECAI-04, ECML-07, PKDD-07, and IJCAI-07). In IJCAI’15 he was Program Co-Chair of the Special Track on AI and the Arts. Co-recipient of five best paper awards at international conferences. Recipient, among other awards, of the “City of Barcelona” Research Prize in 1981, the “2011 American Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Robert S. Engelmore Memorial Award”, the “2012 Spanish National Computer Science Award” from the Spanish Computer Society, and the Distinguished Service Award of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence (EurAI) in 2016, the IJCAI Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award in 2017, and the Spanish National Research Award in 2018.

President of the Board of Trustees of IJCAI from 2007 to 2009. He serves on a variety of panels and advisory committees for public and private institutions based in the USA and Europe. He is a Fellow of the European Association of AI, EurAI. Promoter and co-organizer of the BARCELONA DECLARATION FOR THE PROPER DEVELOPMENT AND USAGE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN EUROPE. Besides AI, he enjoys poetry (he has poetry published in “Reduccions”, the foremost poetry journal in Catalan language) and jazz (playing a Bösendorfer Grand piano during ECML’07 in Warsaw).


In this video, Ramon López de Mánataras answers the following questions:

· Are there fundamental differences between artistic and scientific creativity?

· Is art inspired by science?

· Has scientific creativity been influenced by art?