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Sonic Haikus (Premiere)

‘Sonic Haikus’ explores the sonification of five haikus using MIRLCa. Haikus have a highly constrained structure, which finds commonalities with the high-level and constrained MIRLC language. Haikus use natural imagery to make Zen-like observations about reality, which can be enhanced with tagged sounds from Freesound. In this performance, the live coder explores the online database by only retrieving sounds predicted as “good” sounds when using the retrieval methods from the live coding system, in this case, sounds by “tag”.

Live Coding video session by Anna Xambó for its premiere in the third session of Artificial Intelligence, music and creativity organized by ARTIFICIA.

‘Musical performance & education with AI’ (May 6, 2021)


More information: www.artificia.pro/mirlca