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The Afternet is a program made by SN Systema about the effect of new technologies on music. The episodes explore the latest possibilities and issues raised by technology in the music community. An accessible debate from the perspective of artists, agencies, promoters, managers and other members of the scene.

Episode 8


In this episode, SN Systema talks about artificial intelligence and creativity with Ramón López de Mántaras, Lissette Lemus, AWWZ and Hexorcismos. What paradigm changes does the advancement of artificial intelligence pose in the creative field? Can we ever get machines to be creative? Are we anthropomorphizing artificial intelligence too much? We also talk about the possibilities of these technologies in the DJ world, augmented instruments and sound creation with artificial intelligence systems from a decolonial perspective. Songs from DÆMON, CASSIUS SELECT, Goyaconnect, WULFFLUW XCIV, Joy Orbison, Nia Archives, AWWZ, Lauren Nine, ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS and Icebox Violet are playing.