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Unfinished is a new interactive concept. Roman Lipski invites art, culture, and tech-enthusiasts to experience his creative process firsthand. You will connect to your inner artist and create a new painting. A search for inspiration is the first step of the journey. Roman will teach you how to enter a dialogue with your inner artist and his A.I. muse. Next, You will take the brush into your own hand and start the process of creation. Roman will assist you with professional advice and guide trough different painting techniques. In the end, he will finish the painting with his personality and style.

Roman Lipski

Polish-born painter who has lived and worked in Berlin since 1989. He witnessed and actively participate in Berlin art scene recreation in the 90s. He became recognized for his architecture and landscape artworks – realistic but detached from reality.  His celebrated art has been exhibited in numerous museums all over the world. Despite success and recognition by private art collectors and galleries Roman has been actively looking to reinvent himself and his art.

In 2016 he has started the journey that leads to the creation of Artificial Muse. A digital entity that helps him to feel challenged and inspired. Roman is a firm believer that true artistic expression and creativity is a human domain. Yet he continues to explore future tools and possibilities. He shares his knowledge and experience during lectures, talks and stage appearances.