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AI and Arts – A Workshop to Unify Arts and Science.

Throughout the last years, new methods in artificial intelligence have revolutionized several scientific fields. These developments affect arts twofold. On the one hand, artists discover machine learning as a new tool. On the other hand, researchers apply the new techniques to the creative works of artists to better analyze and understand them.

The workshop “AI and Arts” brought these two perspectives together and started a dialog between artists and researchers. It was a satellite workshop of the KI 2019 conference in September 2019 in Kassel, Germany, partially financed by the German Mathematical Society. The conference was the 42nd edition of the German Conference on artificial intelligence organized in cooperation with the AI Chapter of the German Society for Computer Science (GI-FBKI). The article summarizes the presented projects as well as the discussions on how to integrate AI and art even better. The interest in computer-generated art is enormous. Follow-up workshops will certainly continue to elucidate the intricate interplay of AI and arts and thereby open new cross-disciplinary horizons.

Link to the full article: https://between-science-and-art.com/ai-and-arts/ 

Link to the Workshop Homepage: https://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/mskrodzki/aaa/ 

Picture: Martin Pham: Mandelbrot / Momentarily II (2019). Photo: Martin Pham.

Dr. Martin Skrodzki

Dr. Martin Skrodzki has received his PhD in Mathematics from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany in 2019. After a postdoc at Brown University, USA, he is currently a visiting postdoc at the RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program, Japan. His research interests lie in geometry processing and mathematical art.

Website: https://ms-math-computer.science

Twitter: @msmathcomputer2

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGpZWAvZvfWMjZ-iGEg8zZQ